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HC 2.0 BWTB refugees check-in here!

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--- Quote from: monthlymixcd on April 13, 2010, 06:10:42 PM ---I turned the AdBlocker on per your suggestion (Thanks!)... since I was already using Chrome. Much better. I've never posted all of my gear in my signature before... I always felt it was a little egotistical (no offense Rory)... but for some reason I now have an urge to do so to maybe spark some discussions about different gear. Thoughts?

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It is TOTALLY egotistical LOL

Actually I started doing it over at HC because in addition to BWTB, I also frequented the Electric Guitars forum and occasionally the Amps and Effects forums as well. It seemed to be the thing in those forums. It would spark discussions and in those forums, posters always took opportunities to discuss and 'show off' their gear - including posting tons of pictures of thier stuff. It's all in fun.

Hi gang.


--- Quote from: Nobody Told Me on April 14, 2010, 02:07:47 AM ---LOL, yeah, I accidentally violated that policy today.  Didn't really intend to.  Then by the time I realized my faux pas, I had done it again.   :facepalm:

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It's cool man. I wasn't trying to crush any complaining about 2.0 anywhere it happened, like as an aside in an on-topic thread.

It was just that it was too depressing to see nothing but "2.0 sucks" threads in my beloved BWTB for days in a row, while long-time members leave and on-topic threads fall off the page. (And there's like four forums for 2.0 feedback!) So I took it on myself to post some on topic stuff, then nix all the 2.0 threads and try to at least try to salvage what actual "Backstage" discussion is left. I don't like being heavy-handed but at some point we've gotta move on.

I know 2.0 sucks. I fucking hate it. But it's out of my control, so I'm just doing what I can to salvage the remains of BWTB.

Actually the post volume is now low enough "over there" that you can kinda follow it even without any indication of or ability to jump to what you haven't read. Anderton finally 'fessed up that those were never features in the new software so the lack thereof aren't bugs. After all the bugs are fixed they will decide what new features they will work on - so no guarantee that we will ever get "unread" indication or a way to jump to the unread posts in a thread :(. OTOH while they had the notification system up that worked to send you copies of everything new so you could follow along that way if you didn't mind the volume of emails - I actually liked it myself :).

Can I subscribe to threads here? I see an "unnotify" button that seems to imply that I am receiving notifications, but I'm not.

The "new & improved" HC doesn't seem to have that feature at all.  >:(


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