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DL1608 FAQs


Official Mackie DL806 / 1608 Support Docs and Videos
Official Mackie DL32R / Dante Card Support Docs and Videos

Tool to prepare DL32R multichannel files for your DAW
Factory Presets
Using FX on the iPad
Bolted Down iPad Startup Sequence
Going back to MF V2.1.1
Rearranging Channels
Record L&R and Use Aux 6 for the PA
iOS7 Breaks Airplay :(
Empty Recording Files?
Alternative Power Supplies
Aux Driven Sub via Panning Left and Right
Remote Soloing
My Fader on the iPad
1/4" Plug Stuck in Combo Jack
Channel Color Labels
Power Socket Fix
DL1608 Autopsy
How do you turn them @#$% Virtual Knobs?
How to Copy a Channel's Settings to Another Channel
Firmware Update Hangs?
Pressing "Mute" Selects EQ Instead
How To Take Screenshots With Your iPad
iPad/iPhone Holders
Use Rubber Grommets for Loose Trim Pots
High Frequency Noise on Auxes
iPod / iPhone Compatability
Which iPad to Buy
Reverb Not Working?
Output Compression
30 pin Extension Cable Recommendations
Factory Presets
ATA Style Cases for the DL1608
Can Other iPad Apps Record from the DL1608/806?
iPad Channel Level Reduction
How Presets Work
"Master Fader" App Audio File Export and Deletion
Use Airport Express to Stream Break Music Wirelessly from iPad to DL1608
"Fix" Your Reverbs !
Enable AirPlay Receive On Your Docked iDevice
Routers and Wireless Operation
iPad Cases
Wireless Connection Optimization


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