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My Fader V1.1 Wants and Speculation


Please add access to EQ, Dynamics, and Effects settings.


What about a "portrait" mode to give a bit of extra finesse to fader movement?

Used the My Fader app for a few gigs now and here is the wish list from band members:

1)  The ability to hide channels and customize a view. In other words, create a MyMix in the settings where I can hide individual channels from being displayed.
2)  On The MyMix page, have the ability to hide the mute button. No need for it there.
3)  Create a portrait view so guys with fat fingers have a way to adjust levels easier

I wish it would run on iOS 5 just like Master Fader does. Behringer's and Presonus's iPhone apps run on iOS 5 :P .


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