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iOS 7 Announced

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Since they won't have the V7 specific developers code for iPad and mini until mid summer don't expect everyone to immediately release a version taking advantage of the new code features if at all. Plan on fall 2013 if your lucky. Mackie no likely will only patch to make their V5/V6 code work and change only what is absolutely necessary to make it run.

I think Mackie has finally got a clue. They haven't said anything about 1.5 I a long time. No release dates for them to miss and miss and miss. Ah, those were the good ol days.

Honestly by the time they come out with 1.5 I will have already jumped ship to the superior x32 rack. I think you guys will miss me here. One piece of advice to Mackie: do something with this mixer quick before the ix16 comes out and destroys you. You'll never compete with the hardware but maybe you can get some hype going again with a new set of software.


--- Quote from: RoadRanger on June 11, 2013, 03:51:55 PM ---Oh, and iOS 7 will only be available for the iPad 2 and up, and the iPhone 5 and up.

--- End quote ---

It's going to work with iPhone 4 and up....:)


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