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Has your dl ever just stopped working ?

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--- Quote from: Dtg77 on June 17, 2013, 11:43:05 PM ---I normally leave my iPad docked and use our keyboard players iPad for adjustments, I think he was hooking his up to his keys which is why I was using mine. I might take a trip up to reasound soon and have look, I will give you a shout when I do ..... See if you want to buy a nearly new mackie desk ;)

--- End quote ---
I was going to offer you some Presonus kit!
Might have a buyer for that DL btw:)

Dtg77 I thought you where feed up with the DL back in April?

Yup but rather than go back to my mix wiz I thought I would hang on until the new Allen and Heath came out. Back then I was hopping to have it by July. It's now looking like August so today I swapped it out for my old desk and can't wait to gig with my old set up.


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