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Yet another iPad charging question

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--- Quote from: Jerrylee on July 11, 2013, 06:44:02 PM ---RR your confusion is that you do not need the camera connection kit with Auria.
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But you do with the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 he is using :P .

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Wrong again. You need a hub, but it does not have to be the camera connection kit. I use a $9 dollar hub bought on eBay.

Your both actually correct. Two ways you can set this up.

1. USB Camera Connection Kit connected directly to the Scarlett 18i20 via the included Scarlett Scarlett Type "A" to Type "B" USB cable (The way I currently have it setup)
2. Using a hub with the 30-pin iPad-to-USB cable and the included Scarlett Type "A" to Type "B" USB cable

Either one will work  ;)

IME the cheapie non-Apple 30 pin to usb converters (even the powered hub type) give errors eventually. The only one that's been rock solid for me is the Apple one. But I use them for connecting a USB keyboard to my iPad 2, not a multichannel USB interface.

To get back to the OP "Has anyone used a powered USB hub that can provide enough mA's to satisfy the 2100mA charging requirements. " there needs to be a clarification on the intended purpose of the request. Are you looking for a means of charging offline (DCP = Dedicated Charging Port which Apple already supplies) or are you looking for a means to charge the iPad while in operation CDP (Charging Downstream Port)? The 2010 1.2 Battery charging spec for USB has many options. Do companies go outside the spec? The answer is NO except for Apple ( remember Apple only claims to be able to hook up with USB 2 devices and certainly is not USB certified). The limits on a CDP is 1.5 amps but you will be hard pressed to find any because the limit is the induced noise on ground for charging current ( sect 3.5 of the spec which limits it to 375mV). The Spec itself would actually allow up to 5 amps but it would exceed the 1.5amp limit imposed for each standard port. Once you exceed the limit you have 3 shutdown choices one of which is to provide constant current output (up to the safety limit of 5 amps). Does anyone make a device like this in volume? Again the answer is NO not even Apple. The best you could hope for is .9 amps for a USB 3 port but the USB 3 ID process would most likely drop you back to .5amps USB 2 on a CPD. If you are looking for a offline charging unit you already own one. It is well known that USB 2 ports will charge iPads even  if the iPad  states it's "not charging". Since Apple really doesn't state any conformance to USB it's hard to come to any conclusion other than by trial and error. RR throw in USB  OTG and tell me who is the host and who is the slave in this scenario?
"requirements"it's not, just a means to charge the iPad 3 in a reasonable time. I'm not getting into the different chemistry's of iPad batteries here.

I was actually looking for CDP. I've settled for a Mophie battery charger that meets the 2100mA charging requirements, but of course is DCP not CDP and will have to disconnect one for the other if I need to recharge the iPad. Don't know if this will be any quicker than the supplied 12W DCP A/C charger. Just did a 3 hour gig last Saturday and had plenty of battery life to spare so I didn't need the Mophie or 12W A/C charger.


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