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Pops on turn off - is it just me

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My DL1608 is a noisy bugger. Makes a loud pop everytime I turn it off - does everyones do this?

I know it is good practice to turn all the amplifiers off before the mixer but it doesn't always happen. I wonder if Mackie saved a few bucks on a supression circuit.


Mine does as well. I have sometimes had an issue with the wireless link and restarted the DL1608 in order for it to re-register with the router and got a lovely pop. Doesn't sound great, but not sure it is doing any actual damage. As you say, the best thing is to get all the amps / powered speakers turned down or off first. (sometimes, that is just a PITA  ;D )

It's reassuring to know I am not on my own. Still I don't there is any excuse for this to happen.


prosoundco guy:
You'll get a pop on power down with most mixers. Amps off first. No exceptions/ excuses for not following proper procedures.

My experience too.


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