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Mackie 1604VLZ-Pro - are balanced outputs really balanced?

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In case anyone ever cares I was looking at the CR1604 VLZ schematics and found that mains L&R and Mono out are in fact active balanced outputs the rest are impedance matched in the days where the magic # was 120ohms. Cheers.

Kev tyler:

Does the onyx pre amp in the cheapest mackie  mixer sound the same as the most expensive?

Kev tyler:
I think what I am saying is this, I regularly use the 1640i, thought of purchasing the 820i but have now noticed they are flogging the onyx preamp in the guise of vlz, without parametric eq, it's not really the same channel is it?

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The difference is that the 1640i has a 4 band eq vs the 806 3 band Perkins. The older VLZ has fixed Q (3 band) as opposed to the variable Q in the Perkins. The difference on vocals is not that much unless your into distortion and effects so money is better spend on a better mic match to vox than mixer.

Kev tyler:



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