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TT24 lost snapshots
« on: October 10, 2013, 02:13:45 PM »
My church is using a Mackie TT24.  We have about 2 dozen of the 99 snapshots used.  I updated a snapshot on Monday night with no apparent problem.  As far as I know no one used the board until I got there last night (Wednesday).  The current settings that were set Monday night before the board got shut off were still active when the board got turned back on.  When I went to create a new snapshot in a <empty> location last night, I noticed that the previous snapshots that had been there on Monday all said <empty>.   When I hit the store button the light went on like it was saving but when the light came back on <empty> had not been turned into Show-17 like expected.  In spite of the fact that snapshot 16 said <empty> when I press the up down arrows to go to snapshot 16 the number no longer blinks but if I select any number other than 16 it blinks like it is not the current setting but it will not let me save it.

Is there any know issues with this?  Or is there a way to get the snapshots working again?  I know you can factory reset the board but I don't want to loose all of our current settings.

Thanks for your help.