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Who runs an active system - who runs a passive?

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My shop is all active.  We stock a wide variety of active cabinets including original Mackie SA1521's, EV SxA250, SxA360. and ZXA5's plus a couple KV2 EX series systems.  Since we not only do on site production but also rent out systems, I find active cabinets to be much easier to explain to the clients and absolutely scalable.

What do you use?

Half and Half active tops passive subs,half IEM's, Half active floor boxes.

For smaller rooms (<=300 people?) active is the way to go for tops and subs for sure. Powered subs are still a bit pricey though. Most active floor monitors have volume and EQ controls on them - I don't really want anybody having local control of those :(.

That would be hard to rent out.

My rural market is in the bible belt.  There are 52 churches in a ten mile circle, each trying to out do the other, business is consistant.  You add weddings, public events, market days, a few stock holders meetings and lots of local events, i.e., fish frys, clam bakes and crab any way you want it.  It's a good place to live, and I'm the only one here.  ;)   Don't tell anyone.

All active FOH. 2 active, and 2 IEM's for monitoring.


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