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Who runs an active system - who runs a passive?

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When we have to use our own PA we choose from 5x SWA1501's, 2x SR1530's and 4x SRM450's most of which are either Italian or US models. For monitors we use the Wharfedale EVP 12 & 15"PM and a choice of desks. Either a Mackie Onyx 1640i or a Yamaha MG24/14.

Can be set up or stripped down in a matter of minutes, probably good for a room size of 400/500 max. If we had to set up outside we would have to double up on the PA set up and possibly more.

In the past we have had the old Pro Peavey rigs were a team of gorillas are needed just to move the amp rack alone never mind the dual loaded 15" subs.


All active/self powered at last, FOH = 2 x QSC K12 plus 1 x EV SbA750, Monitors, 2 x Yamaha DXR10 and 1 x Alto Truesonic TS110A. Sounds lovely both on stage and off  :)

Greg C.:
Mix Desk - FOH

•Avid (Digidesign) Venue SC48 48 Input/16 Output Digital Mixer w/ SC48 Plugin Bundle
  - Avid IO16 Analog I/O board installed to insert analog & digital processing


• 4 Rat Sound “Rat Trap 5” Flown 4-Way Quad Amplified Full Range Tops(EV 15”x2, EV 10”x2, JBL 2”, 18 Sound 1”)
• 4 Rat Sound Subwoofers - Double 18” (EV EVX-180B Loaded)
• Crest Audio Professional Series 8001, 7001, 4801 Amplifiers
• XTA DP448 4-Way Stereo Processor/DSP for Tops
• BSS FDS-310 Crossover with Symetrix 501 Limiter for Subs on Aux Send
• Ashley PQX-571 Parametric EQ for Subs on Aux Send
• Xilica DLP4080A Utility Processor for delays & supplemental EQ

Stage Lip Fill/Side Wash

• EV ZxA1 2-way Powered Speakers (processed by Xilica DLP8040A)

Monitors - Up to 8 Mixes from FOH or separate monitor desk (A&H GL2200-32)*

• 4 Mackie SRM450 Wedges (Self Powered Bi-Amped 12” 2-Way)
• 4 Mackie SR1530 Side and Drum Fills (Self Powered Tri-Amped 15” 3-Way)
• 2 Turbosound 18” Subwoofers for Side Fills
• TDX CX Series Crossovers for Side Fill Subwoofer/Tops Split
• Crest Audio Professional Series 7001 Amps for Side/Drum Fill Subs
• 1/3rd Octave EQ’s for Monitor Mixes when run from separate desk


Mostly passive here. 15"+ horn passive mains + a two pair of small passive monitors. I do currently run a powered sub, but that will be going passive, too, soon.

In my band where I'm the keyboardist, I takes a copy of the main mix + my vocal and runs it into my rig, and then send back a mix-minus that has just keyboards. I also do sound for one band where everyone's on in-ears for most of their gigs, although they sometimes use my passive wedges for smaller shows.

All powered QSC K series.  K10 for tops, K12 for monitors and K12 subs


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