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Master/My Fader V2.0 Are Here!

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--- Quote from: JMc on November 12, 2013, 06:49:30 PM ---Just to verify, my understanding is that all the 1/4" aux sends coming out of the board are balanced TRS connectors, right?
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Correct :)

Thank you.  And I am going to assume that most, if not all pro PA amps are using either XLR or 1/4" TRS balanced ins, so I will be out looking for some TRS to XLR or TRS to TRS patch cables today, because my intention is to run a linked stereo pair of AUX outputs to the PA for the FOH mix and reserve the MAIN outs for a recording mix only and see how that works out for awhile.  I may even run the main outs out to a split pair into my in-ear monitor transmitter so I can monitor the stereo recording mix as we're playing.  Ah...  Looking forward to more experimentation and fun...

I like the 2.0 update! Great job Mackie! Many good things indeed.

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--- Quote from: sam.spoons on November 12, 2013, 04:12:00 PM ---That is not the case, if you link two channels they become a stereo pair, the input of the lower numbered channel feeds the left main output and the higher numbered channel feeds the right main output. As RR says the pan control does become a balance control as opposed to 'width'.

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which exactly the implementation of channel linking that I hoped for. My primary application is stereo playback from an external device.

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So to dubunk some earlier quote, it's not a MONO pair, it's STEREO IN STEREO OUT with a common eq. Fine by me!  :D

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My bad I didn't write a book about Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo but if you want you can read about it here:
and many other audio books.
My point was simply that the implementation was poor. Reading the wants at Mackie's website again they missed the boat by a mile. Implementing a narrow and incorrect stereo linking has left us without a lot of other possible uses for their limited implementation. Not to mention the extra work to get this. Copying a preset to a channel should not have been a hardship. Including the processing of two channels thru a single "DSP" as Mackie calls it (they obviously don't know how to separate eq's from dynamics. More of the one size fits all mentality like phantom power). If your not using shows your not using this mixer or you only have one setup. If you want your true stereo to pass thru this mess best turn of all "DSP" processing otherwise the DL will modify it and you may not like the results. That's just the input side of things. On the output side forget trying to set up a crossover since Mackie has that somewhere near the bottom of their list. Once again dual mono out unless you turn off all "DSP" processing. We used to call this cripple ware in my software days. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot. That's what you exited about?


--- Quote from: WK154 on November 12, 2013, 07:33:30 PM ---Once again dual mono out unless you turn off all "DSP" processing. We used to call this cripple ware in my software days.
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I don't think I understand what you're saying. What's dual mono?

Mackie's linking implementation is identical to industry standard Yamaha's, with the exception that in Yamaha's you can decide to only link some of the parameters, and you can do offsets, nether of which functions I have a use for. When I link channels, I generally want them identical except for panning. Mackie's implementation is exactly what I want in an low cost entry-level mixer. As a bonus, the redundant channel disappears, making more room onscreen. Brilliant.

Global phantom isn't a one size fits all mentality, it's a common cost savings measure.


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