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While we're all debating antique DL technology let fast forward to the 21th century. Oh we're in it so let's look at a new mixer. The technology is here and being sold to send digital info from a mic (Neumann and others). We can also send this over airwaves (FCC needs to give the Audio industries a unique frequency range for this instead of playing second fiddle to all the other wave-bandits). The mixers need to be wireless inputs and the speaker systems as well. This would clearly save my back and many others. So when do we get to be part of the new technology? No wristwatches please and something you can read. Well I can dream.


Greg C.:
Wireless mic technology is available and can be used for a whole band. On Blink 182's flying drum riser, there was a complete Sennheiser wireless backup system in case the hardwired mics had cable failures/damage when the riser was in the air moving around stage. Speakers can also remoted wirelessly. But there are caveats to wireless. The first is that the available spectrum from the FCC for wireless communications is shirking as they sell off the open space to ISPs. Second, it's relatively unreliable compared to hardwired signal lines due to possible interference. Such interference problems do happen in places like Broadway plays and even Madonna concerts. Third, digital wireless is another layer of added latency relative to hardwire. So the tech is here, but it's expensive and has it's potential drawbacks.

I don't think latency is a real issue and shrinking the electronics has been going on for forever (Moore's law). It comes down to the audio industry becoming a major force in it. Unfortunately all advances in this business have been done by Alexander Bell and Co. The interference problem is due to FCC issues. There are enough clever engineers out there to deal with the rest. But dealing with a house full of Lawyers (FCC) and special interests can be problematic.

I saw a billboard on the way to work this morning that read "Future Events."
Well, that's a sign of things to come...

I suppose anything that uses electrical technology (C.1600s) could be labelled "antique"  - WK, you need to develop whatever it is that is going to replace it!
Plugging in leads hasn't been the most back-breaking thing for me. Wireless gear is a dream when you see the confusion a simple wifi connection can cause. I always thought "blow up" or "just add water" speaker and back line systems would be a great idea, or teleport from gig to gig. Now that would be handy. Any insider knowledge on that!?
Aha, I have the answer!
Rehearsal studios/garages fully fitted with HD/4k cameras, 3d 4k projectors and super fast broadband/microwave uplinks transmitting/receiving to/from your next venue. Venue has ultra hifi spec concert systems and 4k 3d projector systems, cameras with smell/sweat generators. A selection of fans/hot ladies allowed to attend garage/bedroom/rehearsal uplink source.
Permission from mother/wife/care assistant helpful, but not a deal breaker.
With the current price of diesel fuel 1.37/litre here in the UK ($7.66/US gallon), this may work out as cost effective and carbon friendly.


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