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rhat, I totally understand the reason behind having easy and easily recognizable songs on the set list for the reasons you listed. It just boils down to the majority of the material is not what I want to play which makes it harder on me to find an open mic I want to participate in. A blues jam I would definitely be down for. Now if only some blues songs were on the set lists. In all fairness, there is not much going on musically where I live making things even harder.

Well stang is pretty well straight up R&B.  I mean srv didnt invent the blues.  I would think a blues
jam would be pretty easy to find.  Sounds like you need to start lookin for some guys to start
a backing band.  Find yourself a solo act front man who can host and have at it.  That way you guys
set the format and the set list.  Become the good old boys club.  I do find it hard to understand why
a guy would say he would love to play blues and would refuse to play stang.  Hell its one of the most
famous R&B songs in musical history.  Its a blues band set list icon.

I am more interested in getting an original band going than trying to form my own open mic. That in itself is an entirely different thread. I should have saved the responses I got from my last CL ad, pure comedy.

thats cool.... make it happen  We do quite a good deal of the stuff off the singer songwriters CD that
fronts the full band deal.

He has a new one in the works... not sure when he goes into the studio to record.  Its nice to just
get handed a finished CD and you learn it like a cover. the first time you play the stuff as a band
is live on stage. 8) 

I do want to make it happen but finding musicians where I live is about as hard as finding open mics.  ;) I know a lot of people in bands but none are currently looking for a new project or know of anyone wanting to. When I do come across someone wanting to start an original, it seems they all want to do stoner rock. I think that is the curse of living in the birthplace of Kyuss. I like stoner rock, a lot, but it is not what I want to play. I have not given up hope and I am constantly asking people to let me know when they hear of others looking to start something.


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