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Aux sends for foldbacks - pre or post EQ/dsp

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OK back to your original inquiry. Here is my explanation in case you didn't quite understand Dave. Channel adjustments for tonality done with a headphone (this eliminates most outside influences) is done first. The whole system amounts to the talent, mic and position, stage bleed, preamp adjustment, eq's and effects and ending at the headphone and the talents ears. Your ears if you want to micromanage. This needs to be gotten right and has nothing to do with feedback (room acoustics). So for a separate adjustment for this for aux's doesn't make any sense. Get the first one right and move on. Mackie and most other Mfg. didn't get this wrong. I do have a unit which is flexible enough and would allow a second setting of eq's etc. but to what purpose? I would hope your final product from this sounds better than pre or you need to go back and fix it. So you ask why then do you even need monitor mix if everything is perfect. Well for one who does the monitor serve? In IEM its very clear in stage monitors it's not. So why would you want the kick and tops in you IEM or your monitor if your right next to the drummer? The vibration alone will probably do. This is where monitor and IEM mixes will differ. The more me or less them or none of this is why. Levels will change for most of this again nothing to do with FOH. All a personal choice of the talent for their own comfort and style and hopefully not yours. Now for FOH and feedback. Unless it's a really bad acoustic situation you should be able to tame it and produce a reasonable level for the audience. If you want to damage eardrums just let the feedback handle that it won't take long and after that it wont matter what it sounds like  >:D . A parametric would be nicer to deal with for this than a graphic eq but it will do. Don't try to over-control the sound it won't work. This approach has worked for me for decades and the digital revolution hasn't changed the basics, just packaged things into smaller boxes and made things more convenient.

WK - thanks for your detailed reply. I do appreciate you taking the time and I do get what dave is saying.

I thought my original enquiry was just asking whether people are using the pre or post Eq/dsp option for aux sends.

From your post it sounds like you are using post.


I believe that this forum SW allows survey type requests maybe it's time somebody tried it. Yes I'm all for post.

doing loud rock and roll in small clubs, so vocals gotta be audible and even out front but also strong in monitors. that means auxes are pre, so i can compress out-front vox and leave monitors uncompressed.

i wouldn't mind a post-EQ but pre-comp option, but until then it's pre-everything.

I want my monitor sends post-HPF, post-gate, switchable pre-or-post-EQ, and pre-comp. If switchable per channel I'd want the option of post-comp on channels like keys, kick, bass. I personally am still running post DSP with the comps on vocals only shaving off the peaks - soft knee 4:1 I think.


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