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I'm betting that the bad press is minor compared to having your potential customer base go elsewhere before you actually release a product.  The press would be a lot worse if you released a product that wasn't ready to go.  (One possible opinion of the DL1608.)


--- Quote from: Wynnd on June 04, 2014, 05:29:36 AM ---delivering on time is so hard when you're trying to keep your potential customers from purchasing something else.

--- End quote ---

Vaporware is a time honored marketing weapon. The Behringer X16/now18 is well over a year beyond their target date, and still shows no signs of appearing.

"Aside from the reduced channel count (16 inputs, 8 outputs) it has the same DSP engine and functionailty of the X32.
Delivery is targeted for Q2 2013 and the estimated price will be around US$ 1000. " Uli Behringer, 10/06/2012

Back to the subject here is a contradiction on the development of the Touchmix. The article claims 16 months from time of conception to final product by the "Magic 8" in a hotel room.
Who are these people? They go unnamed, The history as I can recall is a contract with M&W for this design 6 years (72 months) ago. Their own description states that Mackie and Watts were the architects and now this? Just goes to show that marketing can turn on a dime or did it take 56 months to get together with M&W.
This is directly from their spec sheet:

A breakthrough in innovation and digital
mixer design, TouchMix is the result of a
remarkable collaboration between QSC and
industry icons Greg Mackie and Peter Watts
(M&W Pro Audio Ltd.) TouchMix not only
resets the bar for performance and value,
but also redefines the user experience for
both professionals and novices alike.

M&W lasted from 2008 to 2010 before it was dissolved.

They're coming out with some nicely produced tutorial videos:

Friend of mine from the main local pro audio supplier was expecting the Touchmix (prob a demo) in the next few weeks. Not that I really need another mixer but I told him to call me as soon as it was there :facepalm:


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