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Master/My Fader V3 Wants and Speculation

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I wish they had added the new adjustable slope HPFs and LPFs to all the input channel strips.

Oh, and I still want my monitor sends post-HPF post-EQ but pre-comp. Preferably switchable per channel like the Phonic and Behringer digital mixers.

What are yous guys still lookin' for? :)

Even though I don't own the dl I still wanted to look at the new features. But it appears that until it is loaded into the dl itself they don't show up in the app. Not sure exactly why mackie would do this. Some people want to try the app before they consider the mixer. Has anyone else updated the app and not the dl itself and been able to see the changes?

Apparently they haven't fixed the airplay bug. Open the app and airplay disappears again. 

Nice delete of all the V3 wants and speculation RR !!! A little late for speculation on V2.1 it's out. ::)

Let's try again! This is for the exclusive iOS7+ users club only! ;)


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