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Master/My Fader V3 Wants and Speculation

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Here's a list of 36 items slated for 3.0 :) or will be DL32R only :( :

Woo! :)


--- Quote from: RoadRanger on October 15, 2014, 08:04:34 PM ---Here's a list of 36 items slated for 3.0 :) or will be DL32R only :( :

Woo! :)

--- End quote ---

This is impressive stuff RR, good job Beno!
Can't wait to try this out :)

So MF3 is the answer to all our prayers ... ;)

Except for multi-track recording, it looks as though the DL1608/806 will benefit from most of the new features.

I ultimately want a rack unit for a mixer that has no hard control surface, but MF3 will give my DL1608 a much longer lease on life now ...

Wonder how long it will be before we see a Mackie DL16R and DL8R to compete with the Behringer XR18 and XR12? This is going to get interesting!

Snakeless "stageboxes" communicating wirelessly with a remote controller (iPad, computer, etc) are obviously the wave of the future.

Ultimately I still want a physical control surface to go with the mixer hardware stage rack (so I'm not paying for loads of mic preamps I don't need at the mix position). Allen & Heath already do it with the iLive system but at a huge price and Fostex had the LR16 in 2009 (with a built in 16 track digital recorder). Both are wired using Cat5 but I want to go a stage further by having the remote surface on WiFi with a few audio inputs at the mix position, one mono for talkback and a couple of stereo plus a stereo return for PFL (if WiFi can cope with 1080p HD video a few audio streams should be easy).

The problem for the manufacturers as I see it is that the physical controls are the most expensive bit of a digital desk but many people would baulk at paying as much for the control surface as they did for the rack  :facepalm:


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