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Master/My Fader V3 Wants and Speculation

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I agree with you -- powered or non-powered fader options for physical control surface.  Make it modular (i.e. banks of 8?) so you can buy what you want.  I bought a BCF2000 to use with my Yamaha01v96 a while back ... worked okay for me, but the setup was a pain.  I would be nice to have something that was a good level up from this.

I don't know that any of the current systems are set up for that other than MIDI controls though ... and is MIDI that reliable or is a newer protocol needed?

Culled a bunch of beno’s replies on the Mackie feature request forum, and MF 3.0 is gonna rock.

Unfortunately no support before iOS 7.1, but check out the good stuff

- it adds 4 subgroups and 4 VCAs to DL1608.

- the new mix selector shows custom names for Aux Sends.

- adds Overview to see all input and output channels at once.

- adds a recording level for DL1608 and DL806.

- adds a new input routing screen above the EQ allowing to easily adjust all routing from a particular channel.

- new Preset menu has reset button.

- adds exporting of presets and shows to email and Dropbox.

- adds a digital trim to all input channels.

- shows the last recalled snapshot in the navigation bar.

- allows flexible routing of the record source for DL1608 and DL806 (ie record from auxes).

- makes the color change for the selected mix much more prominent making it easy to differentiate the selected mix.

- channel colors have been added

- allows channels to be unassigned from the LR.

- adds improved navigation between mixer view and channel view.

oh and last but not least:

beno (Admin, Mackie) commented    October 16, 2014 2:38 PM

Fingers crossed, white noise is fixed in 3.0.

I like the idea of a physical control surface and agree that Wi-Fi would be more than capable of supporting it (though its the latency rather than bandwidth that's the challenge for real-time applications). If it allowed you to dock your iPad to provide the visual overview and then interface with the application that would probably be the best approach, so as to allow a manufacturer to create something that could be used with devices other than just the DL series. I am not all that clued up on MIDI, etc. but some kind of industry standard would probably have to be adopted so that the desk manufacturers application can easily interface with the hardware faders (not dissimilar to keyboards I guess).

If Mackie (or other mixer supplier) were to make such a device, I can't imagine it would be cheap. What would you be willing to play to have a hard interface?

There are a few conrtol protocols out there, Mackie's own HUI is probably the most used. If Mackie would include HUI control in Master Fader, I could plug a surface (Berry BCF2000 for example, cheap too) and assign the faders to channels, MF is fast enough to work like this (surely it would respond as quickly as it does to a move on another iDevice?) so the slight extra latency would be virtually unnoticeable.

Ahh, ok. Wasn't really that aware of that. Is that from the DAW market?

I am surprised we don't cross path's Sam given what a small world it is. Only last night I engineered for a duo acoustic act and the guy knew me from when I did an industrial placement at Arup in Manchester about 16 years ago!!


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