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Master/My Fader V3 Wants and Speculation

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--- Quote from: RoadRanger on November 04, 2014, 07:06:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: RoadRanger on October 15, 2014, 08:04:34 PM ---Here's a list of 36 items slated for 3.0 :) or will be DL32R only :( :
--- End quote ---
Just curious which of these features folks really want? As for me:
Import and Export of Shows and Presets: Meh for me.
Digital Trim: Possibly useful, mostly because I'm too lazy to tweak the gate/comp thresholds and gain (which is the correct way to do this).
Subgroups: Meh
DCAs: Meh
Recording Level: Meh (easily fixable in post production)
Record from Aux's: Woo!
Channel colors: Woo!
Overview screen: Woo!
Better differentiation between main and aux pages: Woo!

Most looking forward to connection and white noise fixes - I'd give up all the above for that :-) .

--- End quote ---

Import and export of shows   :thu:
Digital Trim, I'm lazy too   :thu:
Recording Levels   50/50
Overview screen   :thu:
Channel colors  :thu:

The other stuff   :-\

I'd like them to fix white noise and connection issues too, for all those that are experiencing it. Let's hope the firmware update makes a difference.

V3.0 released - Woo!


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