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You need to read the fine print on this setup, there is a amp rack which most likely means passive speakers. If you really think that DL has useful crossovers  you need to look closer and you have no simple way to break out for 3 or 4 speakers. I'll bet the delay is minimal anyway.       

As WK stated, I'm running passive speakers and also have multiple sub ( single and dual boxes) setups that I save  in the DRPA along with other functions....

I'm running a combination of speaker types.  My EV ZXA1s are used as monitors in some cases, mains in others when used with the matching subs.  I also have 4 Yamaha pole mountable floor monitors and I also have two EV SX100s and did I mention that I also have a pair of 1965(?) Kustom PA speakers with 15" Altec Lansings and round horns that I bi-amp and process through a DriveRack PA.  And did I mention that I also have a couple of three way stacks that are EV Eliminator W bins and Altec Lansing mids and Altec Lansing cellular horns.  I'm a bit tired of hauling that around and the ZXA1s are nearly as loud and sound as good or better.  So, the mixer stack gets used for a lot of different configurations with powered and passive speakers systems.  The DriveRack PA and 2 DriveRack PXs get a solid workout for EQ, Crossovers and Anti-feedback.  I probably could get rid of one of the PX units.  But the stack would get a lot lighter if I replaced the Hafler PA1500 amp with something seriously lighter.  (Only need about 100 watts a side and the Hafler weighs 22 pounds.) 

I really didn't want to get into all the other features of the PA in my case the PA+ that Mackie is dreaming about. A Q of 16 or about 1/12 octave is not a notch filter to eliminate feedback. I also didn't see mention of Linkwitz/Riley or Butterworth crossover filters and a way to implement the results in the DL, not to mention all the other setup tools. If you can ignore all this and make your clients happy the DL is your friend.
PS. Wynnd I bet your not running all those at the same time. ;)

While I have run the Altec tri-amp system with the Kustom bi-amp outdoors for more juice at the front of house with the 4 Yamaha's as monitors, that's as close to using them all at once that I have ever gotten.  I did run the auto EQ with the final amp/speaker configuration setup.  Had 85 dbc at about 250' from the stage.  (No walls, no ceiling and concrete walks with a fountain in that space.)   The band was a beach/punk group from Crested Butte.  They were so much fun.  (And surprising.)


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