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iOS 8

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We're all keeping our fingers crossed it's not broken. The one test would be for sync but I don't expect a solution. The other of course would be someone with consistent noise on playback, but again I don't expect a resolution. But the next MF might just have the problem solved. :) As I said before.  BenO the clock is running!  ;D Tshu can doit amigo.

This is one slow installing update.  It's been almost an hour and my iphone 4S isn't done yet.  (Though the progress bar has just finished, probably will reboot next.)

I recall how I felt when I upgraded to windows 95 from win 3.1.  I was totally amazed.  It was like getting a new computer.  Progress bar has started up again.  (Might happen several times.  Haven't been watching very closely.) I've been watching episodes of Unforgettable in the mean time.  I had archived my last backups so they wouldn't be overwritten.  Update just finished on my iphone.  Gotta go play!

Keyboard Magic:
Just updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 8, after I backed it all up to iTunes. Sure enough a small glitch. Even after 2 complete reboots, the settings icon was showing 1 update still. Check under settings and updates and the phone is completely updated. 10 minute, pleasant call to Apple Help Desk, the only solution was to either turn off all updates to remove the notification or do a complete reset of the phone.

Gonna bite the bullet and reset the phone through iTunes on the laptop, then restore all my junk. My iPod Touch 5 came through with flying colors. No issues. I guess the big one is to now update one iPad and try it out with the school’s DL tomorrow. Woo Hoo!  :P

It's better to deal with the devil you know than the one you don't. Wait a day. 50/50 is not a good track record.


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