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Two problems this past weekend

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I bought some AA battery boxes at "The Container Store".  They have a double layer version with a moveable divider and a single layer with built in dividers.  (I use the single layer version in my mic box.)  I've got something similar for my AAAs but they power my remotes at home. 

Sounds good, it would hold pro cells too, though as I was using box fresh batteries for every show it was simple enough to keep them in the box until use and discard them into a bucket at the end of the show. The used batteries were available for cast and crew to help themselves, batteries in mic transmitters were always changed by me or my assistant before every night/show (two shows on Saturday).


--- Quote from: Greg C. on June 28, 2014, 04:43:23 PM ---My experience with rechargeable batteries in wireless mics is that the two don't mix. New rechargeable don't last as long as standard batteries and aged ones can avalanche to low output unexpectedly and ruin a show. And no two rechargeables in the same batch seem to age at the same rate. Some start losing charge holding ability very fast. We had a local theater company here insist on trying them in their AT and Sennheiser headset packs and it was a disaster. And this was after months of experimenting during rehearsals with different brands of high end rechargeables. As sound designer, I finally insisted that they only use ProCell batteries from then on and to throw them away after every single performance. They agreed after several embarrassments. You can't fuck around with batteries in mission critical situations IMO.

--- End quote ---

My experience exactly for shows single use and toss. In my wife's case however in a non-mission critical classroom application, cost was the overriding factor. With a difference of 10:1 in price for quality NiMH : Alkaline break even for a 180 day school year was a no-brainer. The bigger problem was the attrition rate of batteries, the ones with legs for all those important electronic toys. The important thing with NiMH is to have a quality charger that can cycle and break in new ones such as a Maha MH-C9000 (~$50). The cheap ones are worthless. My wife retired before the batteries (~4 yrs use) and going.

Another consideration of useless rechargeable batteries. AA batteries are 1.5 volts each, rechargeable AA batteries are only 1.2 volts, so a rechargeable can not compete for performance and run time.

Might want to look at this first before drawing that conclusion.


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