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Combing channels from a 3.5mm stereo jack to mono

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Greg C.:
Several of you have mentioned that you don't want to use up 2 channels of your mixer (understandable) for music playback from your iPod/iPad/MP3 player/laptop/etc. So far, I haven't found a cable pre made on the market that does proper resistive summing of the left and right channels. There are plenty that don't like this common Hosa cable. They merely short the left and right hots together. Though you're device may have some protection from burning out the output driver of your headphone jack, it's not ideal. At minimum it can result in distortion, at worst it can result in damage to the output. I'm sure many of you have read "Why Not Wye", that pretty much explains it all. If you don't feel like building such a cable, you might consider something like the IsoPod. There are also DIs on the market that will properly sum line output to mono made by Whirlwind, Radial, etc. FWIW.

Works great! :)

So what's wrong with a $4.55 cable that gives you the option to go one or two DL channels with an iPad by flipping a switch (software) for mono or stereo? If your devise doesn't have this ability (stereo to mono) I can see the benefit of other solutions.

It's pretty common for a band to have stuff they want to play (break music and/or tracks) on an iPhone, MP3 player, or whatever and I don't want to have to go into it to set it to mono. BTW that transformer thing I linked has a REALLY short cord but you can just use a regular XLR cord to extend it out to wherever it need to be - I generally prefer whomever owns it to operate it instead of me fumbling with it. That way it's not my fault if it's messed up ;) .

Greg C.:

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Works great! :)

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There we go, I knew I has seen a couple of different solutions out there. Just couldn't track them down. This isn't unlike the Whirlwind device, a lot less expensive though. I wonder how good the transformer is as far as LF saturation goes...


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