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Digital trim coming to DL1608 and DL806

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Keyboard Magic:
Yes, an added benefit(s) is still pretty good in my books. Anything that will help a mix.  :) Thank you.  :thu:

Technically it already exists to some degree within the compressor stage, where you can adjust the gain reduction / addition post compression.

Kev tyler:
I don't think improving the 8 or 16 in any manner will impact on sales of the 32, if you need 32 ins, then you need 32 , I supose a 24 ch version is not feasible due to economics, but I bet there would be a few who don't need 32 but find 18 limiting?

This is why I thought these units would be expandable with  additional 1u racks with additional banks of 8, similar but not exactly like the b s16.

Seems crazy to me that you can buy a 1 u rack of midas preamps for 200 dollars, but can't plug it in to anything other than a Mac or PC in a bedroom studio.

Imagine if you could just plug the Usb or optical out of a  pre amp rack in to one of these new fangled  mixers?

That makes far too much sense I guess


The X32 doesn't have adat as standard, it's a fairly expensive add on. If it did you could use ADA8002 racks of 8 preamps to extend the mic channel count on the Compact/Producer/Rack. The DL32R has as nearly many mic inputs as the software will handle (36 channels I believe) so half of the additional channels in a typical 8 way unit would be redundant.

One thing that came out of the DL32 is that they are expanding Master Fader to cover that unit too.  That means much more software development for the DL1608.  I never expected it, but it makes some sense to not fully reinvent the controls.  That also helps people moving from the DL1608 to the DL32.  Solid familiarity. 

There is one other thing that the DL series needs.  That's the physical faders.   I really don't care if they are actually virtual, but the fader on glass is only good if you're looking at the screen.  It doesn't work as well for theater productions where you want your eyes on the stage.  Having the tactile feel of a physical slider allows your eyes to be elsewhere while your fingers don't wander off the control.  It could be an additional ios device or some kind of USB attachment to the ipad.  If someone finds one that meets that description, please let me know.


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