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DL32R vs X32Rack

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Just wondering what peoples' preferences will be between these two mixers.   They are very different ... the X32 giving you a lot more control on the front surface.  The DL32R looks more like a patch panel.

Will anyone purchase a DL32R for FOH?  Or even club bands?

I've looked at the X32 Rack before but it has the ability for both PC & iPad control plus the ability to act as snake for an X32. 

The DL32R has some nice improvements, obviously the recallable preamps and multi-track capability is a really nice thing that has been sorely missing from the 1608 but the X32 Rack also has the ability for a networked PC to control in the event of an iPad failure, does the DL32R have that ability?  I didn't notice it if it does have it... that's a nice safety net to have.

Keyboard Magic:
I have to say that I'm partial to the clean look of the X32 rack. But major I/O is out the back which, depending on where it's used and your preferences, can be good or bad. I/O out front like the DL32 means never having to lean over the back to get at any cables, especially when you can't really always get to the back. Out front is convenient and out back is tidy etc.etc. I know we can't have our cake and eat it too. Would be nice to have the best of both worlds though.

One point that I noted (plus a whole bunch of others of course): X32 rack has only 16 XLR inputs. DL32 has 32 XLR inputs. (I know, Captain Obvious here) Gonna have to sit down and do in depth comparison features of both. They are similar and different in good ways from what I've seen so far. It's up to individual tastes and preferences I guess.

Since the good experience with my pseudo owned (school's) DL1608, I'm kinda leaning towards the look and premise of the DL32 and would hope performance and reliability are on par with theirs (Mackie's) and our expectations. I'm happy with the 1608. I don't think I could convince the school to upgrade anytime soon.  ;)  Method in my madness or madness in my method?  >:D

I'm convinced that Apple needs to build a much larger ipad for a better control surface.  (And I have some Apple stock that I bought for $20 a share.   (Split 14 to 1 over the years.))  That said, My next laptop has to have a touch screen.  My current MacBook Pro has all sorts of finger prints on the screen where I tried to use the non-existant touch screen. 

And that's before you throw the PreSonus rack into the mix... three-way shoot out required :-)


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