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DL32R vs X32Rack

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Hello - I'm known as "Elantric" at most places ( Vguitarforums, Harmony-Central  - and "stevekc" at Line-6 forums - I already recognize a few names here in my search for the most active Mackie User Forum today.

Back to the topic, I've been in the market for a month reviewing modern live mixers with modern multi Ipad monitor control for separate monitor mixes, but my focus has been locating a mixer that offers  direct to USB drive multi-track recording of shows / rehearsals - without a computer.
 I've  looking deeply at  StageScape M20D ( not enough inputs, too many cartoons) the X32Rack ( but that one will not record without a PC/Mac), flat rejected the Presonus offerings because my 2012 Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL  is a crackling/sputtering  P.O.S. right out of the box. 

 24 hours ago i was sold on the QSC Touchmix16 - which might still be the best fit for my needs/goals -  then I saw the announcement today of the new Mackie DL32R and now I'm reconsidering and focused on learning all I can. It looks like a mixer  / audio interface I can use for several years with its rich featureset - and in my searching, often folks highlight the Ipad Mackie Master Fader app as the best of the bunch - and already I see its more intuitive for my brain compared to the others ive tried. ( QSC Touchmix, Presonus )

and the reports are the Mackie DL boards have decent audio perfomance and headroom  / dynamic range -although I do read reports of a "too phasy" final output EQ stage.

Anyway, if I postpone my iPhone  6 Plus upgrade another month ;)   the DL32R seems like it might suit my needs a while longer than the competition, as it not only works as a standalone life gig multitrack recorder / mixer - but also doubles as a 32 in / 32 out Audio interface for my 2012 Macbook Pro,  and reviewing the DL32R block diagram  and I/O count with creative routing I could conceivably employ my  older third party external hardware FX (remember those?) and it also  advertised to allow incorporation of  PC/Mac hosted VSTi FXs at live shows - but it is a 33 pound box that needs fans running and a road case  - while the QSC Touchmix16 that 100 meets my current needs with its softcase wont scuff the interior of my vehicle ;), and hey do I really need 32 inputs? (rather like asking do I need another guitar )

But I'm very impressed and will probably pull the trigger for the DL32R - assuming a solid robust drop free connection to an Ipad Air (still running IOS 7) is possible

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At the risk of sounding like a fan boy I will attempt to answer the OP question as objectively as possible.

I can only speak for myself with an answer that I will not be purchasing a DL32R anytime soon or perhaps ever unless had for $_00.00 secondhand in the distant future. I`ve already made a purchase and acquisition of an X32Rack two weeks ago. An easy decision from my perspective based on good measure of the the time had with the obvious 3 company`s, Mack.., Behr....., and Pres.... currently available digital mixers over the past two years of ownership & end user experience.
Aside from my own conclusion I suggest to do the math. We of course are comparing apples to apples now, racks only. Using pricing from Sweet......;
X32R / $1,200 AND S16 / $900 = $2,100
RM32AI / $2,000
DL32R / $2,000

X32R / S16 combo additional $100 out of pocket nets full 16 xlr assignable, 6 1/4 inch, stereo monitor outs. Dedicated talkback input/bus, 6 1/4 inch aux inputs.
Dual AES50 ports, ULTRANET. Front panel Hi-res color TFT screen and controls that provide emergency mix capability. 32x 32 USB interface recording capable since version -.101 , with your fave DAW (Reaper). Effects and graphic EQ`s fully assignable. And did I mention the the Effects. Real Verbs !!! And yes I do mean that as a Dis to BOTH the others! Network interfacing options within the X-Family of products.
And then there is the official software remote UI offerings. IOS, PC, MAC and Android. And the unofficial MixStation ( slam dunk ! ).

3 Year Warranty (read the fine print and register within 30 days). Responsive tech support on official manufacturers and various forums. Firmware/software updates/upgrades that have generally been very well received.

After consideration of this comparison, it would seem to me that the possible primary reason(s) for NOT going the Xroute  would be the preference of UI, sound, lack of need for computer for recording, or need for 64 mix, 52x34 record with two RM32AI.

Now the aforementioned pricing is for reference. I purchased on card new in box, out the door, CA USA for under $1K. At that price one can buy TWO X-Racks TODAY for LESS than the other PRE-ORDER pricing. 

I do hope to eventually PLAY with and LISTEN to the others in time. Meanwhile I expect to be fully satisfied with the X-Rack this weekend. And the next. And next month. And next year.


--- Quote from: Wynnd on October 16, 2014, 05:32:15 AM ---I'm convinced that Apple needs to build a much larger ipad for a better control surface.  (And I have some Apple stock that I bought for $20 a share.   (Split 14 to 1 over the years.))  That said, My next laptop has to have a touch screen.  My current MacBook Pro has all sorts of finger prints on the screen where I tried to use the non-existant touch screen.

--- End quote ---

And who knows what may be unveiled in Cupertino in a few hours......

To the previous posters:
There will be computer control of the DL32r, that's what the usb b is for on the back - output 32x32 didn't Beno say?
"If the iPad dies" surely you'll have even an iPhone handy? What if the x32 rack dies (more likely scenario) what then?
The multi recording to an onboard HDD is the x32 rack killer alone for me.
Plus it doesn't need the three year warranty gimmick to try and get people to trust it's manufacturer.
It looks solid and workmanlike. The new MF looks great.
In the real world I would have much more confidence in the dl32r than I'd ever have in an x32 rack.
My previous experiences with Behringer have been bad, Presonus more favourable.
My one and only Mackie purchase has been superb - the DL1608.
If it comes down just to the price, of course it's not going to be as cheap as a Behringer.
Yeah, I could get "x" number of x32 racks for the price of my current setup but I be happier with buying something I trusted.
What use 8FX engines when it won't power up some night, at a gig, in the middle of nowhere, within the 3 year warranty?

Just my 2p worth :)


--- Quote from: Jkowtko on October 15, 2014, 11:26:17 PM ---
Will anyone purchase a DL32R for FOH?  Or even club bands?

--- End quote ---

OOops, failed to address this second and third question. Yes & yes. However I would think there would be very few instances of a full swap of rack format for desk at FOH as the preference for a familiar tactile interface is the norm.


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