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Some light Sunday afternoon reading....

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Sam the answer is in the title. I hope you have as much luck as I've had with Uli's gear including my DDX3216 which still works. My X32 is doing fine and closing in on a year of ownership.

Guys, just some light reading, why so defensive lol? Oh no, trying to justify your purchases?
For someone who is into numbers, facts and statistics, you don't seriously think there are only ten broken units out there, do you WK? I looked at *just* a few pages, no in depth study taken.
Saying the "design is not at fault" is skirting the issue. Anyway, how can you be so sure? 
Just under the surface, (or not) ultra cheap production methods and components have real world consequences.
No need to reply guys, only a bit of light hearted teasing on my part >:D

 ;D time will tell (but I do have high hopes)

Hey Sam, I wish you all the very best with your new purchase :thu: ;)

Cheers mate, I'm expecting a fine and trouble free night but everything has a failure rate so I'll be taking the DL1608 as backup. BTW I'm not deserting the DL either as a main mixer, for most of my gigs (smaller pub/bar type playing gigs) its still going to be the first choice.


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