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Ways to use the new features.

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--- Quote from: robbocurry on November 19, 2014, 10:45:12 AM ---Digital trim applied to the iPad channel handiest feature so far.

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I just realized a secondary use of the digital trim would be in situations where you get to sound-check multiple bands, it can be used just like an actual digital gain control to save different incoming levels for each act. So, set the manual gains a lower than usual level when you start out & use the trim to set the difference between acts.


--- Quote from: CyberHippy on November 19, 2014, 04:23:32 PM ---So, set the manual gains a lower than usual level when you start out & use the trim to set the difference between acts.

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Same same when leaving the mixer onstage and working without a snake. Modern gear has low enough noise floors and enough bit depth headroom that you can leave the trims set low. Before working with the DL1608 and the QSC Touchmix, I was bemoaning the lack of remote control preamps. I still bemoan the lack of recallable preamps, but with digital trim the analog trims turn out to not be a big deal.

Maybe I haven't tapped enough settings yet, but is there a way to assign a default mix view when selecting an output?    I have set up three mix views, one for the main mix, one for my monitor mixes and one for my aux-fed subwoofer so I only have to scroll through the appropriate inputs for that output.   It'd be great if each time I picked an output, the assigned ABCD view defaulted.   It's only two touches to get there, sure, but when mixing while playing, two extra touches takes a long time.   The idea of the Mix Views is to SAVE time...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the differences from VCA to subgroups.
The videos are not real clear, but it seems like the subgroup master lowers volume only so
Any residual fx are still present. On a vca group it's like turning the trim/gain down so anything
On the channel including fx get reduced.   Is that the difference ,or am I realing missing something

VCAs are like a remote control of each individual channel fader, assigned to the VCA. A group is a master fader for all the channels assigned to the group. That's how I understood it, does that help?


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