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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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my ipad 3 is now so slow with MF3 on the parametrics especially that it's almost unusable! i slide my finger over and it's a good one second before the EQ band starts struggling to get where my finger is.

i thought maybe my ipad 3 was just not enough processor for the new app, until my friend showed me his ipad 2 with MF3, the parametric EQ bands just as zippy and responsive as ever.

Did you "force close" all apps on your iPad before running Master Fader? Are you using a dedicated network for your DL1608 to iPad connection? Are you sure there are no other wireless networks on the same channels as you are using?

haven't gotten nearly that far yet! i'm just messing with the offline app at home, no mixer in sight.

I would be inclined to make sure that just about all other programs are shut down.  (they remain in the background until you flick them away after a double click of the home key.)   If this remains a problem with all other programs actually shut down, save and export your shows, delete the app, reboot and backup the ipad then load MF 3.0 again.  While a few have complained a bit about the channel EQ looking slow, you're the only one suggesting it's nearly unusable.  Also, make sure you have a couple of gig of free memory to work with.  Inadequate free ram will drag the ipad to it's knees.  (Or any other tablet.) I'm thinking about getting more memory in my next ipad.  (Probably be a while.)

deleted and reinstalled MF a couple times now, shut down and restarted the ipad a couple times now, i have really no music on my 32g ipad 3 (so more than half the memory is free), and nothing i'm aware of is running in the background (certainly no more than five days ago when i last used a perfectly zippy MF2).

i guess "unusable" is an exaggeration, i'll just go with "sucks", not exactly what i wanted from the big, much-awaited upgrade.


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