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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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y'know, now that i think about it, there was always that slight lag between changing something on the PEQ and hearing the change anyway!

maybe this lag is actually a little more accurate in terms of the display tracking the actual sound...

Ran the game on my MacBook Pro and while usable, the lag is so bad that the game isn't fun.  At least I'm able to stream this from my Windows machine.  (Attached to the TV and my network.)  Oh well, it's streaming Steam for me.


--- Quote from: nottooloud on December 21, 2014, 10:29:35 PM ---
That's Rdmitch's video, I just posted the link.

It's common for the iPad2 to be faster than a 3 in a graphic intensive app. Similar CPU, but way fewer pixels on the screen. The iPad3 is considered a bit of a cockup. The next one had enough GPU to properly drive the retina display.

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Ahh, my bad... thanks for reposting and thanks to Rdmitch for doing the video :-)

Perhaps that's why the iPad3 was on sale for such a short space of time... need to stop looking at those on ebay then LOL


--- Quote from: Wynnd on December 21, 2014, 11:14:44 PM ---They did manage to get rid of the white noise problem.  That probably involved a serious rewrite of the basic app.  Like all serious software problems, fixing one issue can easily cause another.  (We had probably better be careful for what we want fixed.  Fixing minor problems could cause some issues that none of us want to live with.)  Don't believe me?  Just realize that it took Microsoft nearly 20 years to seriously stabilize Windows.  (It's current status.)

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E-mailed  iBloke the other day and he hasn't experienced the "White noise" since MF3. Appears that it's finally gone. :thu: Took 1.5 yrs to accomplish that. I also doubt it was any major rewrite, bug fix yes. Bet we'll never know, but then who cares or as iBloke put it "Very VERY happy about this as I now have the 16 channel mixer I paid for. Not a 14 channel mixer plus the 2 channels required for background music.". Wynnd I wish you wouldn't try to rewrite computer history. NT5 (XP) with SP3 is quite stable and that's about 6yrs of development. Don't blame the operating system for crappy App's. Most were either fixed or died on the vine.


--- Quote from: walterw on November 20, 2014, 06:14:39 AM ---my ipad 3 is now so slow with MF3 on the parametrics especially that it's almost unusable! i slide my finger over and it's a good one second before the EQ band starts struggling to get where my finger is.

i thought maybe my ipad 3 was just not enough processor for the new app, until my friend showed me his ipad 2 with MF3, the parametric EQ bands just as zippy and responsive as ever.

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just to come full-circle on this thread, my newly-acquired ipad air (1st gen) has no such trouble; maybe it really is just an issue with the ipad 3.

now to find out if it'll sync through the lightning adapter into the 2-foot cablejive 30-pin cable...


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