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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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I have the same lag issues on iPad 2 and 3 so I don't believe it's a nature of the iPad model.
I will be trying a iPad min2 later this week to see how it reacts.  I may decide to keep the iPad mini as a remote
unit and just leave the regular iPad docked 

 In any case ,the iPads both worked
fine in the previous MF version, no lag of any type so the problem stems from the new app.

But  let us know how the 30 pin to lightning adaptor works out. the official Apple adaptor is about
$ 40.00.  For the same price I can buy the DL to a lightning kit retrofit .

I've used the small 30 pin to lightning addapter.  (No cable on that one.)  Works fine.  I've also noticed some lag on the PEQ modern, but it doesn't bother me.  I rarely do much with that after an event or gig starts.  (I run my system very flat overall.  So outside of a HPF, much of my PEQ is flat across the board.)   

Sir Krang:
I recently traded my ageing iPad 3 in on a nice new iPad Air 2 and the "lag" difference is night and day.

iPad 3 became almost unusable with MF3 on the modern PEQ screen. I've seen a YouTube video of this and mine was just as bad.
Screen transitions were also terribly slow.
And just scrolling back and forth on the mixer view was jerky. Not nice to use at all. MF2 was much smoother graphically.

iPad Air 2 is smooth as silk. Virtually zero lag, and swapping between screens is also super fast.
I'm very happy about the UI graphics improvements with the IP Air 2. I feel reasonably "future proofed" for at a cupola years, at which point I'll be ready to upgrade my iPad again anyway.

That is good news but what annoys me is that there is no reason why MF3 should be so bad, if it's only a GPU thing then why didn't it show up on MF2, the GEQ in particular is identical graphically to the one in MF2. I could live with less eye-candy to have a functioning app TBH though I still think MF is the best looking app out there.

Either way I've made the decision to buy an X32 Rack to go with the X32 Compact, the DL is sadly up for sale but if it fails to sell for a sensible price I may keep it (and soldier on with MF2 for as long as possible) until it becomes impossible (or they sort MF3).

Totally feel your pain, and have said many times that it worked fine (the peq graphics) before so it should be reasonable that they can make it work now.
If the was in the position to switch to a different mixer like the X32, I would look at the net cost. Since I already have the DL and iPads are pretty easy to sell on eBay and Craigslist I would look at switching to a iPad air. The net cost would be about $300.00. And I end up with the system I want,  fully functional..

If I bought into the X32 (which I really like the fx and nice app), the investment with cable adapters would be about $500.00 if you sold the DL for maybe 400.00.  At least you already have some behringer items so integration of the two would be pretty seamless for you.

While I would hate to spend anything to fix the system, sometimes it's just a necessary evil.


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