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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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Here's a video showing slow response times with a iPad 3


I lived through unusable, and that isn't it.  It is very surprisingly sluggish.  Not a question about ipad capabilities.  But after an upgrade to ios 8.1.1 on my ipad 2, the response seems slower even though it was supposed to specifically help that model.  Might be an ios problem.  We'll see.

I just watched the vid of someone having trouble switching from modern to vintage EQ
On that issue mine is fine...what I did notice is that in vintage mode the response time is fine... It's only in modern mode that the screen lags

It's responsive as it ever was for me on an iPad Air from last year.


--- Quote from: Keggles on November 20, 2014, 07:20:07 PM ---Here's a video showing slow response times with a iPad 3
--- End quote ---
Any particular reason you have it categorized as "Comedy"? Lol
Oh, and try turning Siri off.


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