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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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I'm not selling because of MF3 issues, the DL is (as I've said many times) a great little mixer. But, I already have an X32 Compact, bought as I needed more channels for some gigs (and wanted some real faders for the bigger gigs) and it makes more sense to buy an X32 Rack to act as a stagebox rather than an S16 (and I also get a backup mixer that way). The Rack will then do everything the DL will (all be it in a bigger box) so, while I would like to keep the DL I'll find it hard to justify owning both.

So, 3.02. Everybody happy now?

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--- Quote from: nottooloud on February 12, 2015, 02:08:37 PM ---So, 3.02. Everybody happy now?

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Modern EQ is still a little laggy on my iPad 2. Only use Vintage, so no issue for me. It was always good. Everything else does seem to be a bit more responsive overall. Now I don't have to retire my iPad 2 just yet. Phew!  ;)

Good Work Mackie and BenO.  :thu:

Won't actually get to use it before Sunday.  I was pretty happy before.  I'm just hoping that people who complain and don't even own one of the DL mixers will finally quit complaining.  (That will never happen.  Of course they will take the smallest complaint and blow it totally out of proportion so everything seems like the worst piece of S***.  I still think these people are taking paychecks from some other company.)  Anyway, it's obvious that Mackie hasn't given up on the entire DL series and still working on making things better.  I'm a person who upgrades my Macbook in the first week a new OS is available.  (I'm backed up and not doing anything mission critical on my laptop.)  That way I give it a running test before my Wife who avoids any upgrades is forced to on her macbook. 

I will do the upgrade tomorrow since its a no gig weekend.  I look forward to seeing the results and sure would like to be one to send a  big kudo to the Mackie people. Since I swapped to an ipad air  I really don't have an issue unless I use the ipad 3 as a 2nd mix surface.

As Wynnd said, those who don't own this devise, or use it regularly really don't get a chance to experience the problems firsthand.
Using the app on the ipad is a bit different then when it's connected to the mixer, and certainly different than running live where a second of feedback is like a eternity.  I certainly welcome some of their comments, and a lot of great points have been made here by folks that don't own a DL....but I always have to remember to pay a little bit more heed to the weekend warriors using the DL series and the senior guys on this forum who always flabbergast me with their knowledge of stuff I will NEVER understand.   


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