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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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I uploaded the newer version to an ipad3 which is where I had the most problems, I did not load it into the mixer yet but had a chance to play a bit with the app.  I do see a improvement in the PEQ and would say it's more than slightly better. Actually, it seems a lot more responsive and I'm quite pleased with what I see. Over the weekend I will get a chance to mess a bit more with it using it as a remote only. if it works equally as well when connected to the mixer I would be a happy camper......or at least until I find something else to whine about.


--- Quote from: Topsøe on February 12, 2015, 09:04:48 PM ---I have been running AltiSpace off the 30pin connector on my old iPhone 4 , routing send 6 to USB 1+2 ( could also have used the reverb send but i use it for snare ) and return on the iPad channel , sounds pretty amasing
It also works on my DL32r via camera connector kit but only on lightning equiped iPone/iPad's and takes up the USB connector so that i can't record (at the same time)

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Can you run that by me again? You're doing this on a DL1608 how? Wow!


--- Quote from: robbocurry on February 13, 2015, 12:23:09 AM ---Can you run that by me again? You're doing this on a DL1608 how? Wow!
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I'll put that in the FAQ :) .


--- Quote from: Wynnd on February 12, 2015, 06:24:05 PM ---I'm going to spend some time trying to find a reverb setting that is useful.  Found a delay setting that I like.  Will get back with any worthwhile results.

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That's the spirit! I spent a half hour or so twiddling around with the reverb, and was able to come up with some very usable sounds. One of the bands I regularly do sound for has a female vocalist and they do a couple of Jefferson Airplane tunes. I've got a preset for her that about nails the classic sound from White Rabbit.

I've got a couple of other presets, too, that are very usable in club settings. Yes, it took a little bit of work, but I'd've done that with any digital reverb I bought, because out of the box, they all sound like garbage.

Take a screen shot of the reverb page and post the pic. I can use some cool reverbs since mine pretty much suck


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