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WTF! 3.0 lags so hard it's barely usable!

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--- Quote from: sam.spoons on December 20, 2014, 10:54:46 PM ---I tried MF3 for a few days at home, the lag was bad both offline and connected, no difference I was aware of.

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Hi Sam,

Do you think that MF 3.0.1 would run better on an iPad Air? I know that would be an expensive proposition to have to buy a new iPad.

iPad Air docked running 3.01 is perfectly responsive. I have yet to notice the lag people are talking about.

My original Mini on wifi is a little slower, but certainly usable.

I would like to see video's of the "lag" or lack of it.  Not upgrading my hardware at this time.  I can live with the "lag" on my ipad 2 and ipad mini.  There is some there, but it's not slowing me down enough to worry about. 

Agreed, its not unusable by any stretch of the imagination. I have done quite a few gigs now with it and I am really struggling to see MF3 as unusable, though I did caveat that in another post with the fact that there is a definite inconsistency in how it performs on different hardware, iOS versions and possibly even other apps / files installed on the iPads.

I'll see if I can do a film of MF3.0.1 running on my iPad2.

I should probably try and hook up with Sam Spoons to compare experiences... in fact I was in Manchester city centre with all my gear last night, though it was all packed in my car to go to a gig in St Helens :-D

I think the lag thing got overblown completely
Most of the time the lag occurs when there are things wrong with/on the ipad
Mostly it has to do with setting or open apps,
Yes ive seen the lag myself, but the strangest is that this was the worst the first time i used mf3
Later it seems that i change something on my ipad2 that it mostley dissapaerd.
Switching from faders to eq or dynamics is slower but the ipad has also todo a lot of more work.
I used mf3 now for 10 shows didnt have any problems with it.
If you want a better produkt or faster mayby u should spend more money on an other mixer
Price/Quality the mackie is a good simple mixer
If u want a better than good mixer u need to pay mostly more than $ 2500,00 analoge
Better than good digital mixers mostley u need to pay over $ 5000,00
Seems people on the internet can only do complaning about produkt or that other produkt are better cheaper
Let face the fact that all cheap digital mixers will have problems
If cant live with this dont buy it and stop winning, otherwise enjoy the freedom of these gadgets stop


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