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What we really need is to share a couple few pints, get loud, and swap lies ;) .

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--- Quote from: RoadRanger on December 11, 2014, 05:00:47 PM ---What we really need is to share a couple few pints, get loud, and swap lies ;) .

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 :thu: :thu:  Couldn't agree more!  :)

Kev tyler:

--- Quote from: sam.spoons on December 11, 2014, 04:36:48 PM ---I just want people to play nice  :D Including KT BTW

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Hey Sam

I just feel a bit cornered mate, sorry,

I am like everyone else here ,just trying to make a living in a bloody hard game, with as little heartache as possible between get in and and get out.

I want what i want, as do many others, on sites like this  we drop the occasional hint hoping the industry might at least acknowledge our desires, I didn't come here to pee anyone off. People are free to ignore my posts, it's just been down right nasty and I don't see why,



I get that KT, the whole conversation degenerated into the unnecessarily personal. Maybe I would have responded the same way had it been me in the firing line. Nil illegitimi carborundum  8)

Kev tyler:
You know Sam people used to laugh when I suggested that the market had room for a pristine low channel digital desk, well look at what is " coming soon" from you know who.

I often used to say that normal pa speakers where too big for swanky restaurants where you might be in and out in an hour, Bose offered the L 1,

They used to laugh at my constant remarks about the lack of footswitches for reverb too,  i think I have lost that battle, I don't mind people having a go at me, without the probably millions of  similar blokes chipping away at the manufacturers, we would not get anything different?

So what do you do on sites like this, kiss benos ring!? , just say nothing, if you looked at the requests page on here, people don't want the dl to work in the manner that the blokes at mackie do, they want what they want, they don't get the abuse I get though.

For goodness sake, who here can not see the potential of a 4 or  8  ch 1 u  digital mixer, even its in the rack for emergency use only. That's all I suggested in the past, however there was no mention other than the dl4  remark  in my enquiry about transport controls which if you read it was ambushed by you know who.

Anyway I would like to move on and will hopefully leave this here, appologies to anyone who was offended by my requests and little hints., it's not all I am about, I am not a troll, I am just like a dog with a bone.

have a good weekend, sam, better wrap up warm, cold wind off the Mersey heading up the east lancs



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