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Headphone Out not Working

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The rack has a lexicon MPX500, TC M300, and a TC D-two delay. They are networked using an iconnectMIDI4+ interface, using the same network as the mixer. On the iPad end,I'm using MIDI designer to build my own custom controllers. That App is freakin' awesome. If you've never tried it, you should, it's like designing your MIDI controller on a blank piece of paper with a CAD program.

thanks, I'll check it out. I'm running MainStage 3 on a mac mini for the keyboard rig but I've thought about running my MBP for FOH as well using MainStage with audio strips to make an effects loop with an aux and back into a channel.

I'm really hoping that someday Master Fader will have midi control added so that MF parameters can be controlled via hardware controllers and also have a page of faders/buttons to control outboard gear. Changing keyboard patch could control any effects, volume, eq etc. the possibilities would be endless!


i finally up[graded to 4.0

Am looking for the QAP "monitor" feature mentioned earlier in this post.  Any help for this blind ding bat would be great.


Top right corner just to the left off the shows button (display) it is three dots over a bar :-)



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