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We've got some My Fader v3.0 news.

Thanks for your patience. We know it hasn't been the most awesome experience waiting for this app to release.

Of course, our goal is to provide a stable app and we have been working hard to ensure this. 

BUT, we know there’s a good amount of you out there that need this app to get the job done. 

So, by early next week, we will release a public BETA version of My Fader v3.0. 

We’ve been working hard since we previewed My Fader 3.0 at the NAMM show in January and it is now in great shape for many of our users. 

Keep in mind that it is a BETA version, with some risk of encountering bugs, etc. So, only sign up for this release if you are willing to accept that. Tech support will be helpful for general usage questions, but will obviously not be able to fix bugs or performance issues with this BETA version. 

To sign up and get on the list, email

When the public BETA version of My Fader v3.0 is ready you will receive an email with download instructions. This is also the right email to use to report any bugs you come across to ensure the official release version is solid. 

Thanks again for your patience. We hope this will help most of you get up and running again with My Fader.

Thanks for the update Ben :)

I've said it once,
I'll say it again...

Thank you Ben for all you do!

Scott Waldy:
OK, obviously the newest model is going to have the horsepower to run this HOWEVER, what is the least one should run? I do not have a bottomless pocketbook and I'd be buying this so others in the band could use it. SO... I was thinking like an older Ipad Mini or even an Itouch. Opinions?

FWIW MF should run on any iPad. I don't believe the BS about GPU issues or any such. The iPad is only running control signals which take far less graphic processing than a typical game.


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