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Sir Krang:

--- Quote from: Wynnd on February 13, 2015, 06:44:51 AM ---I think WK is trying to get us to toss our DLs and purchase Behringers.

--- End quote ---

Off topic..kinda. I work for a local band that is made up of friends from past bands, who used to use my services regularly back in the 90's

Not as much money being paid by venues anymore so they asked me to put together an inexpensive PA system so they didn't have to hire one for every gig.

The dollars they specified only allowed me to buy Behringer speakers.

Long story short, we've done several dozen trouble free gigs with the Behringer gear. We are all surprised at the reliability.. So far.
None of us thought we'd get this much work from the Behringers without at least some kind of issue.
It only took 4 gigs to cover the cost of the PA gear, leads, mixer, etc.

No they don't sound fantastic. But they do sound perfectly ok for the gigs we are doing though.

I even own 3 pieces of Behringer gear, and the only issue I had was with the GEQ power supply which died well within warranty and has be rock solid since repair.

The two Behringer Eurolive B215A speaker cabs I have get used for drum fill and they absolutely rock!
Every drummer I've used them for has said they are the best drum fill they've ever had.

And if I blow 'em up it doesn't matter much coz they were cheap as chips in the first place.

That was agedhorse's point.  If a Behringer product fails, plan on purchasing a replacement instead of repairing it.  Cheap up front.  Might not stay that way.  So out of the 3 Behringer products that I've owed.  1 failed, 1 I gave away and my cable tester I use regularly.


--- Quote from: WK154 on February 13, 2015, 04:50:36 AM ---BenO do you have the hutzpa to finally state the new software requires a Lightning connector version of the DL and a recent iPad to function reasonably well?
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Works fine on my iPad 2
--- Quote ---Is that the reason behind the recent rash of low prices for the 30 pin DL?
--- End quote ---
Maybe because they don't make 30 pin iPads anymore so are selling off this now obsolete inventory :facepalm: ? I suppose they could convert and repackage them but it's probably more profitable to just discount them.

Keyboard Magic:
Obviously there’s still a big discrepancy between experiences with MF 3.X on older iPad models. I upgraded my iPad 2 to Master Fader 3.0.2 and there was no improvement over 3.0.1. Actually 3.0.1 was a little better IMHO.

I then updated the DL to the new firmware, and ran MF docked. The fader lag was still there. I then removed the iPad and ran it wirelessly. Just the same. I can use it if I am careful when running it live. It looks like I am going to have pony up for a new iPad soon to keep up with future Master Fader updates.  :(

I have a dl32 and it connected to my ipad and started the firmware update and then my ipad died from not charging it. problem is I can't connect now to dl32 its like it has frozen up. any suggestions.


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