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IPad Air 2 Does the Trick with MF 3.X. In My Perception

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Great term.  "Real Drummer".  Guess I've only known a handful of real drummers in my life and all of them have been a pleasure to work with.  My thought has been if the music sounds good on a jukebox, then good musicians can also sound good at that level.  I have a friend who now lives in Dallas/Ft Worth who I've never seen go to brushes for low volume.  He's about as great a low volume drummer as I've ever heard.  (And a great guy to work with.  Wish he was still in Denver.)  Sticks down to about 60 db and he is so in the pocket.  Any of you looking for those skills in Dallas can shoot me a PM and I'll gladly pass it on.

Kinda funny, I picked up a power soak for one of my guitarists a couple weeks back. While I think he'll eventually buy it from me it's the best investment in band equipment ever IMO ;D . I'm able to comfortably play through a 30w tube bass amp (Ashdown CTM-30) now :) .

These are a great deal, they use 100w L-Pads (good for a 50w guitar amp) with a HF bleed cap - inexpensive, well made, and sound great!

Had a former guitarist who used one.  Yes they do sound good.  (And he's turned into an alcoholic.  Pity, I enjoyed working with him, but those days are over.)


--- Quote from: RoadRanger on February 22, 2015, 04:53:08 PM ---
--- Quote ---Put a drum kit in a room with hard floors and lots of hard reflective surfaces and its always going to be a nightmare.
--- End quote ---
Absolutely not true, a real drummer can play softly enough to rehearse in an apartment - been there, done that :) .
--- Quote ---On another note I think some musicians really just can't tell when they are too loud while other simply just don't care (or I can't get my sound unless its loud!).
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More like "don't care". Unfortunately if you're doing general providing you'll either deal with LOTS of them arsehats or not work a lot - I choose the latter. I was providing for a 7 piece horn band last night with just my 10" mains (no subs) and a pair of 10" side fills for monitoring - and I still had four mics on the drummer with his two toms and the kick in them mains with headroom to spare. The mic on the snare/HH and two horns were just run into the 'verb with no "dry" in the mains - but the drummer's vocal mic picks up a bit of snare anyways...
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Point taken about real drummers. One very good one that I occassionaly work with, has used an electronic kit for as long as I can remember. Man does that make life easier for the sound guy! And yeah, he would rather use one of his many acoustic kits but he is using the electronic kit for the sake of keeping down the overall sound of the band.

THere's a guitarist in another band I (and the rest of the band) have a constant struggle with regarding volume. At a recent gig we set up his amp elevated and angled at his ears - half way through the first set he angled it away from him and during the break he put it back on the floor.  He said he didn't like the guitar sound directly from his amp! :facepalm:


And I can never understand why the guitarist just turned his amp down.  You can always throw a mic on the amp and few mixers don't have an extra input available.  I'm like you.  Just want the guitarist to back off by hearing his amp much better. 


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