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Auxiliary mutes mute whole channel

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When I mute a channel's send to any aux buss, it mutes all the aux sends AND the channel mute. Why can't I just mute the send on a channel to say aux 1 ONLY?

Just another way of looking at the mute button.  Don't want that channel in Aux 3, just turn it down to nothing in Aux 3.  If you're looking at the panel with the trim adjustment, you have all the Aux sends right there.  Just try to think of the channel mute the same way you would think of a computer's application folder.  Just one more way to do exactly the same thing.  (Use the start button to start an app or reach into the Application folder and start it that way...... )  On most computers there are about 4 totally different ways to do the same thing.  This really follows that example. 

Now if you think we need a different approach to Muting, Put it in the wants for the next version of Master Fader.  I'm still trying to figure out why one would use it if they could.  Others might want it too.

If you took the time to read the manuel, you would find out that u can select on the aux page that u can deselect the use L R mute

He's not asking about the Aux out mute.  He's asking about the channel send mute.  Pretty clear about that. 

I've wondered when one would want to mute the Aux out with the L/R out?   There are times when during setup I only want one output active. (Usually the L/R or sometimes an Aux out)  But the only time I can think of wanting to mute all outputs at one time is at the end of the gig.  (When I should be turning off the amps first.)

On the aux master press the field [pre fader\/] and deselect Use L/R mute , and that aux won't follow channel mute


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