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DL 32R using hard drive for backing music

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Looking to get the DL32R in the next month  just need some info on saving music to the hard drive to be played in-between band sets, I understand  the drive needs to be formatted as a Fat 32  and saving MP3 music do you  save  the music in files such as 60s 70s   80s music or just save the music on the hard drive and sort out what tracks you need  by the menu on the I pad hope this is understood  thanks

Michael Welter:
Wait until you get the DL32R, then have the DL32R format the drive for you. Then you can load music into it.

All music must be 48Khz WAV files. No other formats are supported. If you have other formats on your computer, you can use iTunes to convert them to the correct format. Then plug the hard drive into your computer, and copy the files into the Music folder. Once you've done that, plug it back into the DL32R, and you'll see the music files through the MF app.

Sounds like you might be able to throw the music on a properly formatted Jump Drive too.  Didn't know about the other.

Kev tyler:
That Sounds a bit long winded to me,

Why do these devices deal so poorly with the popular mediums?

Now I am not one to complain as you know, but so many people from comedians singers the bloke who's getting married etc  turn up at short notice with a special song on a stick and expect you to play it, you would think by now a product so clever would have a USB port to accommodate this?


I have a couple of battery powered CD players in my adapter box and a mini phone plug to dual xlr for direct from a phone.  If I were expecting a jump drive, I'd be bringing my MacBook and using airplay.


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