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DL 32R using hard drive for backing music

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Kev tyler:

--- Quote from: Wynnd on March 21, 2015, 11:59:34 AM ---I have a couple of battery powered CD players in my adapter box and a mini phone plug to dual xlr for direct from a phone.  If I were expecting a jump drive, I'd be bringing my MacBook and using airplay.

--- End quote ---

Yes but is it too much to expect that a  2000 dollar or whatever it costs digital mixer could handle something as simple as an MP3 on a stick? I would have thought by now, that you would pop a stick in  the front of a desk and the contents of it would be displayed on your pad.

If I do a gig where a special song has to be played, I get it in advance and it's loaded to my net book and iPad, however my netbook has no cd and so I would struggle if they rolled up with a cd and a change of heart.


Battery powered CD players are cheap and don't take up much space.  I'm always carrying AA batteries anyway, so if I need to fire one up, I just load up the batteries and connect.  You obviously have the DL32r.  When you're shaving things to keep the price of an item low, sometimes you need to pick and choose what to keep and what to toss.  A useable USB port would be good.

You can connect an iPhone With lightning connector to the USB port using a "camera adaptor" , it comes up as USB 1+2 (and you can record what you send to USB 1+2)

Kev tyler:
Hi wynnd

I know there is a solution for every problem, but from solo act to tribute act to live band, we all need walk in music, or playback or interval and I think it's odd that this is not viewed as an essential requirement on modern desks,

When you look at modern keyboards, those factory Muzak demos they contain must really help to sell them in the shop,?

I would have thought by now that a digital mixer would have something along the same lines built in, a rig test demo track  even, so it's checks  left right  main monitors etc, so while you are setting up before you even conect a mic or laptop you can have a little utility that throws a bit of noise in to your wedges and mains etc and let's you know instantly if the left mid section is wired to the right stack etc,



I appreciate where you're coming from.  I've watched Apple drop the floppy disk drive then drop Firewire from their new MacBooks.  And there's precious little in the way of input devices on the MacBook Air.  (USB only I think) So when building a new device, what old technology that might be useless in a year do you want to incorporate?  Hey, we never expected Vinyl records to be replaced, then we didn't expect CDs to be replaced. And aren't we all installing software that has never been on a DVD?  Much is coming right off the internet.  So while I understand where you're coming from, I can also see the place the manufacturers are coming from too and there are lots of potential pitfalls.  And considering all the whining that we see on this forum, a less than perfect USB port for jump drives would quickly become one more complaint.  I don't believe in perfection, so I'm not disappointed.


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