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First gig with DL32R did not go smooth

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Michael Welter:
I got a Furmann Power Sequencer for the rack where I keep my mixer. So, when I power it on, the router comes on first, then the mixer 10 seconds later. So far, I've had no issues with connections.

Hey Guys, those having issues like this, can you provide the make and model of your router. Can you also try testing with another router and report back if the behavior is the same?

I tried with a dLink DIR825 and a linksys EA6100 with the same results. I contacted tech support and they told me that it was most likely an issue with the router. I had to laugh to myself because they asked me if I had tried another router, even though, in my first email I told them I had. Then they asked me to make sure I was plugged into a LAN port and not the WAN port, in spite of me telling them my system was functioning fine once connected. I swear they don't read your emails completely at all before asking you to supply info that You've already gave.

So I switched to a static IP and haven't looked back. The way I see it is, if all your equipment is dedicated then static IP is the way to go. It won't screw up half as much as DHCP does. And it doesn't matter what order the equipment is turned on. You can turn the router on last and it will still work.

I've never had this issue, but I'm pretty sure that the router is powered up no less than 5 minutes before I get around to docking the ipad and firing up the mixer.

Use static IPs and yous guys won't have all these connection problems :) .


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