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Does mackie have any plans to release a PC or Mac control program for the dl32r?  For those moments when an iPad or wifi router go down.

^ That's why I carry two or more iPads and a pair of wireless AP's 8) . But with the DL1608 I still have the option to dock - the DL32R scares me :( .

One good thing is if the WiFi connection goes down, the mixer stays at its last settings.  You can at least control the volumes using My Fader 3.x from an iphone.  (Think works from model 4 on.)  That was my first ipad backup.  I later decided to get an ipad mini too.  (And I'm running a DL1608)

Michael Welter:
I've not heard of any plans to come out with a PC/Mac version of Master Fader. Keep in mind, that the more formats a vendor produces of an app, the highers their costs become.

Keyboard Magic:
If they have an Ethernet port, albeit for connecting a wireless router, could not a firmware patch enable the Ethernet port to do dual duty by allowing you to connect a laptop to it via a Cat 4 or 5 cable? Of course this would require MF to be ported to Windows or Mac OS. Or is the current hardware not capable of doing this?

And as Michael just posted, it might be cost ineffective to the consumer. Even though Behringer has done it for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS  and kept the apps free for now.  ;)


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