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Upgrade process to migrate from an 806 to a 1608

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They won't you have to copy them channel by channel and then set your aux levels and routing

Can you copy your DL1608 presets to the DL32?

Channel presets yes, but not shows and snapshots

Can they they be imported en-mass?

DL806 shows will work on a DL608 no problem. You'll just end up with more channels that will be set at their default state for each snapshot. You can try this yourself using offline mode, simply change to offline DL1608 and recall snapshots. You'll see them work. You'll likely then make the changes necessary for each one and then replace the existing snapshots with the new ones.

Unfortunately, DL32R has too many different parameters for us to use this automatic approach. We do plan to add a conversion process but we haven't gotten to that yet.


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