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After This Past Release, Noticed 1/4" inputs hotter in gain - DLR32

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You need a ⅛ TRS to two TS jacks to run the laptop and use two channels. The reason I asked the question was that many people try to plug a TRS stereo (i.e. tip = L+, ring = R+ & sleeve = common -) into a single TRS balanced input (tip = signal +ve, ring = signal -ve & sleeve = ground) and wonder why they can hear nothing or a very weak signal with no bass. I'm sure you were not making that mistake though.

Standard 1/4" insert cable works perfectly.  Single TRS to two TS ends.  Most PA guys already have a few of them.  I used one for the headphone out to my IEMs.  Worked perfectly.  (OK, the 1/4" plug is too big for laptops or airplay.  I have one that's 1/8" to two XLRs for that.  Leave it plugged into the Airport Express normally)

Yup  ;D

Somehting like this???

Yes, that'll do the job  8)


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