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First Big Show

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The lack of wires was one of the reasons I bought the DL1608.  Sold my 16 in 4 out 100' snake shortly afterwards.  Not that I minded putting it out, I was always concerned that someone might trip on it.

Finally made it back to Cleveland and discussing the performance on the way back it was
Unanimous that all were pleased with the system. A few new players this year as well as a few in ear additions.   Everyone was able to control their own monitor from stage which is great since all I have to deal with is FOH
I did realize that I really need to better understand how to set the output assigns since we did have a little issue in the beginning of sound check that took about 10 minutes to resolve. That made me realize that I don't know nearly as much as. Thought I knew about the DL 32.  Since my only learning was reading here, the online manual and the off line demo.  Next show is in two weeks but have 2 next week with the 1608

Michael Welter:
It must be hard to mix when the entire venue is upside down.  ;)

Not at all, I just flip the iPad over😀
I felt a bit upside down at this location for sure.  Especially when we found it was a  clothing optional
event.  Once things started, no cameras were allowed !  I was definitely a tad "distracted" and totally forgot I was supposed to occasionally change the lighing scenes.

Funny, on my screen the thumbnail is upside down but the pic opens the right side up.

Not to worry they all wore their magnetic boots, the rest was optional. :)


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