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Title: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on April 25, 2013, 03:43:35 AM
The XDM1212 is a replacement for the DL806, Dl1608 and has been used for ~ the past 6 years based on ClearOne/Gentner XAP800. Last e-Bay price survey had the cost at $37 - $48 for the basic unit. Add $8 for a new fan and you should be good for a couple of years. Buy a spare if you must or use it for a XDM2424. That' 16 mic 8 line inputs and 24 outputs.  Connectors and mounting panel and case to use your standard XLR TSR etc. are the additional cost to go from the XAP800 Phoenix connectors.
Here are some of the Specs.
An advanced preamp with full digital gain control is provided. Both mic/line inputs on 8 mic ins.
Four additional line inputs that also handle wireless mics or line level devises completes the input section.
Individual control of Phantom power for mic channels (24V).
Direct outs for all channels for external FX units.
Variable size sub-channels for all occasions.
Any and all inputs (12) available for any and all outputs (12) for each unit.
Basic channel processing includes AGC (automatic gain control), Eq's for 4 filters (high pass, low pass,
parametric, and notch for a very high Q and of course bypass).
Gate for each channel with flexible trigger conditions.
AEC and NC for advanced remote input. (not used in most sound reinforcement applications)
Accurate meters for input levels, post gain levels, post processing levels, and post gating levels for each
input mic/line channel.
32x32 switching matrix provides routing flexibility and gain corrections.
Eight assignable processing blocks for any and all inputs. They provide an additional 15 filters from a selection
of all pass, low pass, high pass, low shelving, high shelving, parametric EQ, notch and CD horn. For
crossovers you have Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, add to that a compressor. Of
course there are meters to show you the effects of your choices.
For the output channels a mute and NOM (number of open mics -3dB for each doubling of mics) along with gain control
(sliders),delays for speakers and meters are available to control the final product.
Handy tools for setup includes a signal generator with Pink noise, White noise, Single Frequency and auto
sweep frequency assignable to any input channel.
An RS232 input controls the mixer with optional devices for access via PC such as Bluetooth, Network, IR (TV remote)and other wireless and wired controls are available. That's up to 9600 ft wireless or the Internet if needed.
The whole XDM series can be upgraded in increments of 12 input/outputs up to 96 channels.
As you can see most of you popular requests have been answered.
There's no doubt that there will be complaints about this and that but there are no gotcha's that aren't documented. This will not be for everyone. But if your looking for a set it and forget it for the most part this is for you. Oh this is V5.0.6 of G-ware. I usually don't need to adjust things unless a mic falls over or some other disaster strikes (Murphy). Rode is a great outfit as one of my NT3 toppled and mushed the grill. The folks at Rode are replacing it for free. The wireless tablet works just fine. The unit shown has 8 wireless Mics (Handheld and or body packs). The units been upgraded since the pics. Dynamics is the word around here. Stop rambling here are the Pics.

The units on the top right are Bluetooth wireless and on the left it's a 1600' range 429-433Mhz radio (outside the 2.4 Gig problem frequencies).

Upgrades include an AC outlet and off switch and 4 inputs RCA (2) and TRS (2).
All this including mics and tablet for the price of a basic DL1608 less iPad.
For software and docs here the link:
under legacy products downloads.

Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on April 28, 2013, 06:29:37 AM
This is a screen shot of the software G-ware that controls the mixer.
Everything and more will fit on screen no swiping required. The screen res is 1920x1024. The new norm even for PC tablets.
Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on April 28, 2013, 07:13:54 AM
Here are the pics from the XDM2424.
The bottom unit is the top of the DL1608 mixer case as a comparison. Add another 3.5" to complete the case size. The middle unit is the XDM2424 (dual XAP800's). The top two silver units are their current version called Converge Pro 880 series. These units are no larger than the DL1608 and a lot cheaper. The learning curve is higher but then you also have more features.
Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: CyberHippy on April 29, 2013, 04:29:55 PM
Resisting the urge to go into all the details posted, I'll just take umbrage with the statement you started your post with:

"The XDM1212 is an upgrade for the DL806, Dl1608"

In order for something to be an "upgrade" it needs to be plug-and-play compatible. I see nothing in the description or details you have provided that indicate that the XDM is in any way compatible with the DL series mixers, in terms of one being able to control the other.
Title: Re: XDM series mixer
Post by: WK154 on April 29, 2013, 06:21:36 PM
I stand corrected. It should read replacement for the DL806 on up. The original text from DIY was a spoof on the complaints about the DL at the time and a possible solution for some. I copied it into the more serious post. My bad (fixed). Once again I reiterate that it's not for everyone. It may not fit your specific needs. You have to think outside the box and deal with some of it's shortcomings and take advantage of it's features. It worked quite well for my apps for over 6 yrs. I've yet to see Plug and Play in mixer hardware, modular yes. If your implying that a $1000 kit is superior to a $5000 kit you have your work cut out.